April fools on you

It is a funny thing that something so big can happen in such short amount of time. I moved to Denmark in September 2014, but I never realised how happy I was going to be there. I met with new friends, new coaches and new experiences. I met the best karate coach a person could ever wish for and club mates I came to love after just a few months. 

None of this is different from anyone else’s experiences. We´ve all had different lives, taken different choses, but not all of us lose all of that without having anything to say about it. Concussions don´t only take something from you, it also prohibits you from continue with something else.

Anyway, I felt that my brain was feeling better and better. I started partying a bit, rode my bike, even if I had to lay in my bed for two or three hours afterwards due to the headache. I started training when I moved back to Sweden, I was feeling better and better, but only for two or three weeks. Then the pain was slowly moving back inside of me, like a ghost. My memory started failing me again, I felt sleepy, almost drunk, all day, every day. 

When I got back from a training camp that I was arranging in the first weekend of 2017, I collapsed. I couldn´t think, I became angrier. I had problems with my temper and it often went out on my parents, even if they didn´t deserve it. I started studying, and if I didn´t work out, I was okay, I even drank a few times. That only lasted until the beginning of April. Like a joke at the first of April saying: "Hey, it´s your brain. Btw...we´re far from okay...april fools!

School became more and more difficult, I even had to take some days and classes off because I couldn´t hear what anyone said anymore. It became harder and harder, but luckily, I wasn´t alone in all of this.

Kom ihåg mig?

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"I write this, not to prevent people from practicing a sport or martial art, but to teach how to practice it safely" - Victor Bull

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