Describing something most people won´t ever experience

How does the aftermath of a concussion feel like?

Hmm…well let´s talk about the obvious. You have almost constant headaches and it gets better when you rest and it´s get worse when you don´t. You have a hard time focusing and you can also get memory loss that can vary a lot between different people. It can last for only a few days or for the rest of your life, depending on the injury.


Now to the scary part. The part that often is extremely hard to explain to other people. The part I would like to call “brain exhaustion”. Your tired, you can´t focus, you can´t listen to what anyone is saying without screaming inside. You have difficulties thinking.


THINKING has become one of your daily difficulties. You feel dizzy almost all the time, not alert, almost like you´re dreaming, but you can´t interact with anything. Your surroundings don’t mean anything anymore. You are just a brain, that´s it. Your body doesn’t matter at all, only your brain. You can almost feel it laying in there on the inside of your skull, just lying there, hurting. Ever since I had my last concussion, everything, every day have seemed blurry, like I wasn´t there to begin with, like it was all a dream, and I can´t remember that much of it. It´s a scary feeling, and it keeps we awake quite often still.

Am I hopeful about my own future in sports, as a coach, a father, a physiotherapist? Yes, very.


Am I hopeful for my brain, that I won´t end up having Parkinsons or Alzheimers? No, not so much.

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"I write this, not to prevent people from practicing a sport or martial art, but to teach how to practice it safely" - Victor Bull

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