Peoples reactions

Everyone should understand, right? Just tell them. No...far from it. People have their own thoughts on almost any subject and, to quote Mark Twain:

- "What gets us into trouble is not what we don´t know. It´s what we know for sure that just ain´t so."


I´ve been called stupid (literally...) when explaining that practicing "sport karate" (a non full-contact sport) can lead to brain damage. I´ve even had a doctor telling me that minor concussions not even are dangerous for your brain, at all, only the big ones are. 

I´ve had people telling to my face that it´s crazy that I would think that I had brain damage after practicing "sport karate" when they themselves done this and this and that and that and taken many hard blows to their head and have had up to 15 concussions without any brain damage. 

Well...that might be, but it doesn’t change my life situation one bit. All people are different, we have different bodies and different brains and we react differently to certain kinds of physical trauma. Maybe you have had 15 concussions (not counting the sub-concussive blows), but it doesn’t seem likely. 


The problems today, I think is that people don´t know how fragile the brain actually is. You can´t tape it, you can´t see it. If you look at my brain in f.x. an X-ray, you will see nothing but a completely healthy brain. Why? Because todays X-rays can´t detect everything, only a brain biopsy can, and they don´t do that very often.



Watch the movie "Concussion" starring Will Smith in the lead role. An amazing movie! Then do some fact checking afterwards and watch a documentary about the characters in that movie, then you will realize how hard this subject is.

There is no "four weeks of rest then your fine" anymore. Doctors do not know enough to be certain about such a claim. No one can know for sure when it comes to the brain. And the best doctors in this area will say the same, that they do not know. And being sure of what you don´t know, is far better then a doctor who do know something that actually just ain´t so.

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"I write this, not to prevent people from practicing a sport or martial art, but to teach how to practice it safely" - Victor Bull

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