What happens to your body when you stop moving for 269 days?

Exercise is important, we all know that. People are debating how much you should work out, how much you should sleep, drink and eat. But what happens to the human body when you stop using it? What would happen to a person who trains hard 9-12 times a week and competes on a high level of Karate if that person suddenly stopped training, stopped moving and just simply spent his days mostly just laying around, resting, for 269 days?
That´s what happend to me of course. 
Some background history
Ever since I was about 18 years old I´ve spent a lot of my time figuring out how to eat, train and sleep to get the most out of it. When competing in karate I had to maintain my weight to fit in my own weight class. In 2013-2014 I was competing in the -75kg division. It became harder and harder for me each month to maintain my weight. I was willing to eat less to weigh less, but at the same time I wanted to become stronger and faster. It was just not adding up. Eventually it became to hard to keep fighting in that division so I moved up a step, to the -84kg division.
Some real GAINS ;-) 
All of a sudden I saw new opportunities. I could eat more, train more and most importantly, I could weigh more. As I trained more I got bigger, stronger and faster, of course I had to adapt a lot to my new weight class, but I was satisfied with my choice. 
NOW, what would happen if I stopped moving? 
**(Everything has been meisured by a proffessional with precise accuracy. All statistics can be found down below)
Day -3 before the concussion: 24th of August 2016
  • Weight: 83,5kg
  • Body fat: 9,6%
  • Fat free mass: 75,5kg
  • Skeletal muscle mass: 43,5kg
Day 269 after the concussion: 23th of May 2017
  • Weight: 75,1kg
  • Body fat: 12,6%
  • Fat free mass: 65,7kg
  • Skeletal muscle mass: 37,0kg
This means that when I stopped training for "just" 269 days I lost 6,5kg of muscle mass!!
And all of this happend to a 21 year old who had been training at a elite level for many years and who had no injuries or some other kind of illness what so ever, but still lost the muscle mass as the weight of 6,5 milk packages!?
This truly shows the importance of exercise. How difficult it is to build muscles, but how easy it is to lose them. When recovering from injuries athletes have to consider how much muscle mass they´ve lost to begin training at a level relative to their current status. 
Me myself won´t see this scale improving any time soon, but eventually I will hopefully recover from my concussion, and then I have a long way to climb back to where I used to be.
**All facts have been tested and confirmed by Peter Stenberg, sport dietitian at Malmö Idrottsakademi.
- A big thank you to Peter Stenberg who have been helping me since august 2014. 
Stats from 3 days before the concussion
Stats from 269 days after the concussion


"I write this, not to prevent people from practicing a sport or martial art, but to teach how to practice it safely" - Victor Bull

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